Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

At RobecoSAM we believe that corporate sustainability is a company's capacity to prosper in a competitive and changing global business environment by anticipating and managing current and future economic, environmental and social opportunities and risks. We use financial markets as one of the most powerful transmission mechanisms to promote sustainable business practices.

As a pioneer in this field, we are committed to applying best practices within our own company as well. We strive for continuous improvement based on a periodic self-assessment and, thus, become a better company for our clients, employees and business partners.

We are dedicated to the following Corporate Responsibility principles:
1. We set a standard in Sustainability Investing. As a thought leader, we contribute to the investment community through our sustainability foresight.
2. We strive for eco-efficiency and compensate our remaining carbon footprint towards causes that benefit the environment.
3. We are committed to creating a working environment of cooperative growth - internally for our employees as well as externally by supporting community partnerships


RobecoSAM Climate Change Policy
RobecoSAM acknowledges the responsibility of the asset management industry towards addressing climate change risks through the investment decisions that we make and the contact we have with investee companies and other institutions. As an asset manager focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing, we have developed and implemented a six-pillar approach to manage climate change risks, as outlined in the RobecoSAM Climate Change Policy.

RobecoSAM supports Swiss Climate Foundation
A partner of the Swiss Climate Foundation since September 2015, RobecoSAM now also supports projects with an immediate impact on sustainability in environmental and business practices in Switzerland. The Swiss Climate Foundation awards funds to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that help to protect our climate by improving the energy efficiency of their operations or offering new ways to protect our climate through innovations. RobecoSAM is one of 27 partner firms that support the foundation financially. The involvement of the partner firms is based on the federal government's CO2 levy and is intended to enhance its effect. As service providers with a comparatively small carbon footprint, these firms are refunded more than they pay. This net rebate goes to the Foundation to support climate protection measures by SMEs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 
CO2 neutral since 2001

RobecoSAM became the first company in Switzerland to receive the CarbonNeutral® status in 2001. Since then, RobecoSAM has been offsetting all of its annual CO2 emissions through investments in CO2 reduction projects. RobecoSAM supports the Acre Amazonian Rainforest Conservation in Brazil, to gain Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) validation, as well as the Meru Nanyuki community reforestation for the reforestation in Kenya.

Drink and Donate
The concept of "Drink and Donate" means that by drinking Switzerland’s clean tap water, we can donate water to those lacking access. The goal of ZH2O is to create awareness and increase fairness. Awareness that water is precious and we should appreciate the high quality water we have locally and fairness in that we help people without access to clean drinking water. Through our participation in drink & donate, for each employee, RobecoSAM is now able to provide for long term access to clean drinking water to those who lack it.

We encourage use of public transport
RobecoSAM encourages employees to use public transportation and subsidizes employees' public transportation costs.

We support sustainable projects
We place great value on actively contributing to selected sustainability projects. For example, we make special donations to projects that we believe help advance our mission – the promotion of global sustainable development.
Learn more about the projects we have supported over the last few years.