Engagement to Sustainability Projects

the promotion of global sustainable development

Commitment to projects

2017 - steps for children
“steps for children” fights poverty in Africa step by step by enabling people to help themselves. The foundation creates jobs locally and provides children with permanent access to education through the sustainable use of donations and a commitment to self-help, the charity’s projects are set-up with the aim of eventually running unaided. www.stepsforchildren.ch

2016 - Smiling Gecko
Following its mission of «Cambodians help Cambodians», Smiling Gecko provides direct aid to disadvantaged people in the country, supporting local job initiatives and promoting self-help among the rural population. SGC launched a project on a previously acquired site to the North of Phnom Penh whose objective is to provide several thousand Cambodians with future job training and a regular income in the sectors of agriculture, tourism, industry, and trade. http://www.smilinggecko.ch

2015 - Sustainable Games: The Business Model Challenge
RobecoSAM is proud to sponsor "Sustainable Games: The Business Model Challenge”. Initiated by Cornerstone Capital Group and supported by UN PRME and the Clinton Global Initiative, students across the globe are asked to present a business model of the future. This business model must be aligned with a more regenerative form of capitalism and therefore should address environmental, social and governance challenges and opportunities.
For more information please visit www.sustainablegames.com

2014 - Women’s Center
This year, RobecoSAM is supporting "A Tree for Rwanda" , a non-profit organization that provides financial support to Nyamirambo Women’s Center in Kigali, Rwanda, which aims protect local children and women’s rights, ultimately making a positive impact on the local community.

2013 - Focusing on combatting hunger and protecting health in Africa
In 2013, RobecoSAM is making a charitable donation to Biovision, a Swiss organization focusing on combatting hunger and protecting health in Africa. By educating local farmers on sustainable agricultural practices and environmentally friendly pest control methods to prevent the spread of mosquito borne illnesses such as malaria, Biovision seeks to empower local communities to improve their own livelihoods while protecting the environment.

2012 - Glowing development worker
"Solafrica" lights up the dark and saves resources - by using Africa's most obvious source of energy. Millions of people on the sunny continent still have to live without electricity. Frequently, hazardous and resource-burning kerosene or petroleum lamps are the only light source. This year, RobecoSAM's donation is used to support Solafrica's Kibera Solar Youth Project, which aims to provide one solar lamp to each child living in the Kibera slum in Nairobi. In this case, safe lighting looks like this: a wooden box comprising a solar lamp with a mini solar panel, three rechargeable batteries and 10 small LED lamps.

2011 – A big step into a better future
Sustainable is what endures and offers long-lasting support: a solid foundation for a roof that offers protection, for example. Or a village community that takes up children who were living on the fringes of society. That’s what the aid project "The Little Nazareno" is all about: giving street children in Brazil a new future. Every day, more than 25,000 homeless children fight for survival on Brazil’s streets. Hunger, drugs, abuse and exploitation, constant fear and lack of orientation are their everyday companions. Some of these children find a new home and a new future in Nazareno villages. They all share one dream: being able to offer their own children a better home one day – a dream that RobecoSAM gladly supported with its special donation in 2011. Learn more about this initiative at http://www.nazareno.ch

2010 - “Small moves, big change”
Arguably, there is nothing that is more sustainable than to give children long-term perspectives. The Austrian organization BRAVEAURORA is doing just that – by supporting an orphanage in the north of Ghana, a country with more than 1.1 million orphans. Their motto is “small moves, big change.” RobecoSAM couldn’t agree more. In 2010, we helped provide for these children by making a donation to the organization that gave itself a name composed of the words “brave” and “aurora” (Latin for sunrise) as a reminder of “the brave orphans who every morning anew draw courage from the blazing African morning sun and believe in their chance of a better life.”
Find out more about this initiative at www.braveaurora.com.