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Prevention is key

Healthcare costs are exploding worldwide. The single biggest component to healthcare costs around the world is the treatment of chronic diseases. The rise in chronic disease is directly linked with the rise in obesity. Obesity and accompanying chronic diseases are largely the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices earning them the moniker "Lifestyle diseases."
Changing demographics driven by urbanization and a world in convenience-overdrive will continue to push rates higher threatening not only national healthcare budgets but also economic productivity and our quality of life beyond retirement.
Fortunately, counter-trends are also at play. More and more individuals are investing in keeping fit and eating right to feel good now and prevent illness later. They are spurring growth in everything from sporting equipment, active apparel, food, mobile technologies and even medical diagnostics.
RobecoSAM’s Sustainable Healthy Living Strategy captures investment opportunities arising from these and other health-related trends focusing on innovative companies that develop sustainable solutions to promote healthy lifestyles, as well as prevent, diagnose, and mitigate diseases.
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The Sustainable Healthy Living strategy addresses the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Fitness Trend

Health challenge: Obesity, a weighty issue

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Profits in Prevention

The Strategy invest in companies that offer preventative solutions to the rise in lifestyle diseases and escalating healthcare costs.

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