Harvesting Opportunities

Sustainable Agribusiness

Increasingly heavy demands are being made on the world’s food supply. Yet the increase in the amount of available arable land is insufficient to meet the demands of a steadily growing global population that is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. Rising levels of wealth in the emerging markets have led to increased consumption of protein, placing additional demand on grain and water supplies.

New applications for agricultural products resulting from the growing use of biofuels further strain food supplies by competing with people for agricultural products and arable land. Consumers’ increasing awareness of food quality standards intensifies the pressure to ensure the safety of food products from field to fork.

The Strategy invests in forward looking companies that provide products and services that offer competitive and sustainable solutions that address production inefficiencies, resource utilization, waste reduction and shifts in population demographics and consumer demand within the following investment clusters:


Distributed Products: Within this cluster are manufacturers, distributors and retailers (including E-commerce) of packaged (both organic and processed) food and non-alcoholic beverage products.


Food Technology & Safety: Contains companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of value-enhancing products including active ingredients and enzymes. Also includes companies providing inspection and verification services for animal as well as human health (e.g. traceability, biodiversity, etc) as well as food packaging solutions providers.


Producers & Logistics: This cluster comprises companies that engage in the production and processing of agricultural commodities (e.g. soy, corn, palm oil) and animal protein (e.g. poultry, beef, pork, fish, dairy); crop growers and plantations who own and cultivate land and crops; and companies engaged in the growing, harvesting, and selling of timber as well as pulp & paper products. Moreover, companies providing the transportation, storage, infrastructure, and logistical support for the agribusiness are also included in this cluster.


Production Factors: Within this cluster are companies providing animal feed, crop protection products and agriculture seeds, fertilizers and nutrients, farming equipment, machinery and irrigation equipment, precision farming and data providers.


Portfolio Managers



Holger Frey, CAIA 
Senior Portfolio Manager


Dieter Küffer, CFA 
Senior Portfolio Manager


Equity Analysts

Mathias Büeler, CFA
Senior Analyst
Financials, Media

Moritz Dullinger,CFA, CAIA

Oliver Girakhou
Senior Analyst
Materials, Construction, Machinery & Transportation
Thomas Guennegues, CFA
Senior Analyst
Utilities, Renewable Energies, Electrical Equipment

Junwei Hafner-Cai, CIIA
Senior Analyst

Matthias Müller, CFA
Senior Analyst
Information Technology & Telecommunication

Aaron Re'em, CFA
Consumer Staples & Retailing

Sustainability Investing (SI) Analysts

Jacob Messina, CFA
Head of SI Research
Healthcare, Financials

Melissa Castillo Spinoso
SI Analyst & Impact Specialist
Industrials, Materials, IT Software & Services

Roland Hengerer, PhD
Senior SI Analyst
Utilities, Energy, Electrical Equipment

Michael van der Meer, CFA
Senior SI Analyst
Emerging Markets

Roraj Pradhananga
SI Analyst
Consumer Discretionary & Staples, Telecommunication

Research Talent Pool
4 Team Members

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