Sustainable European Equities

Sustainable European Equities

The Sustainable European Equities Strategy is based on the conviction that sustainability matters in determining a company’s underlying quality and true worth—its intrinsic value.
Sustainable companies embrace high standards of operational excellence and product quality in their quest to provide products, services and solutions for customers and society. They take a long-term view taking the time to identify, measure, optimize and monitor opportunities and risks stemming from both global trends and industry-specific challenges. These non-financial yet material sustainability factors can have a significant impact on the future viability of a business and thus the intrinsic value of its stock. This sustainability impact is under-researched, under-appreciated, and ultimately mispriced by capital markets.
Our experience informs and confirms our belief that sustainable companies will outperform industry peers over the long-term. We analyze and integrate material sustainability research into a rigorous fundamental investment approach which leads to better informed investment decisions and ultimately a selective, high conviction portfolio.


Portfolio Managers



Kai Fachinger, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager


Olaf Martin, CIIA
Senior Portfolio Manager



Equity Analysts

Mathias Büeler, CFA
Senior Analyst
Financials, Media

Moritz Dullinger,CFA, CAIA

Oliver Girakhou
Senior Analyst
Materials, Construction, Machinery & Transportation
Thomas Guennegues, CFA
Senior Analyst
Utilities, Renewable Energies, Electrical Equipment

Junwei Hafner-Cai, CIIA
Senior Analyst

Matthias Müller, CFA
Senior Analyst
Information Technology & Telecommunication

Aaron Re'em, CFA
Consumer Staples & Retailing

Sustainability Investing (SI) Analysts

Jacob Messina, CFA
Head of SI Research
Healthcare, Financials

Melissa Castillo Spinoso
SI Analyst & Impact Specialist
Industrials, Materials, IT Software & Services

Roland Hengerer, PhD
Senior SI Analyst
Utilities, Energy, Electrical Equipment

Michael van der Meer, CFA
Senior SI Analyst
Emerging Markets

Roraj Pradhananga
SI Analyst
Consumer Discretionary & Staples, Telecommunication

Research Talent Pool
4 Team Members

Additional resources

Sustainability Applications and Operations
7 Team Members
Quantitative Research
5 Team Members
Governance and Active Ownership (Robeco)
11 Team Members
Client Portfolio Management
2 Team Members