Harvesting Opportunities

Sustainable Food

Rising food demand, changing consumer preferences and increasing digitalization are transforming the food value chain. Innovation and disruption in the food value chain are only the beginning. New technologies create efficiency gains and consumption shifts new growth markets.

The RobecoSAM Sustainable Food Equities Strategy invests in the transformation of the food sector with a particular focus on food security, food quality, consumption shifts, as well as science and technology-driven productivity gains.

The RobecoSAM Sustainable Agribusiness Equities Fund has been renamed the RobecoSAM Sustainable Food Equities Fund. The name change of the Luxembourg-domiciled fund was granted approval by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) on 27 April 2018. The name change is currently pending approval by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

The Strategy invests in forward-looking companies that provide sustainable solutions in food quality and security, resource utilization, waste, and consumer demand shifts within the following investment clusters:


Food security: Companies that provide solutions and products to improve global food security via helping to close the yield gap and more efficient use of farm inputs.


Production & logistics: Companies engaged in production and logistic services for crops, livestock, fish and forestry products.


Sustainable processing: Companies that process and enhance raw materials and food products, as well as providers of automation and analytic solutions.


Food consumption: Companies engaged in the production, distribution and preparation of finished food and beverage products.


Portfolio Managers



Holger Frey, CAIA 
Senior Portfolio Manager


Dieter Küffer, CFA 
Senior Portfolio Manager


Equity Analysts

Mathias Büeler, CFA
Senior Analyst
Financials, Media

Moritz Dullinger,CFA, CAIA

Oliver Girakhou
Senior Analyst
Materials, Construction, Machinery & Transportation

Thomas Guennegues, CFA
Senior Analyst
Utilities, Renewable Energies, Electrical Equipment

Junwei Hafner-Cai, CIIA
Senior Analyst

Matthias Müller, CFA
Senior Analyst
Information Technology & Telecommunication

Aaron Re'em, CFA
Consumer Staples & Retailing

Sustainability Investing (SI) Analysts

Jacob Messina, CFA
Head of SI Research

Daniel Bernalte Hindersin
SI Analyst
Financials & Real Estate

Elina Kaarina Hokkanen
Senior SI Analyst

Roland Hengerer, PhD
Senior SI Analyst
Utilities, Energy, Electrical Equipment

Michael van der Meer, CFA
Senior SI Analyst
Emerging Markets

Roraj Pradhananga
SI Analyst
Consumer Discretionary & Staples, Telecommunication

Research Talent Pool 
3 Team Members

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