Capitalizing on a Healthier Lifestyle

Sustainable Healthy Living

Healthy Living: Active lifestyle, active portfolio

Faced with aging populations and a sharp increase in chronic diseases such as obesity, global healthcare systems are coming under intense pressure. Preventive healthcare, early diagnosis and targeted treatments offer sustainable solutions to this challenge by helping to stem healthcare costs.

At the same time, individuals’ growing awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is creating new markets, opening up fresh investment opportunities.
Increasingly affluent consumers are able and willing to pay more for better nutrition, personal care and leisure activities – but also demand better quality and greater transparency.  

healthy-theme-updateOur theme update slides explore sustainability issues of current relevance, providing a snapshot of innovative product segments, new applications or emerging trends including an example of a company active in the respective area.

RobecoSAM’s Healthy Living strategy focuses on innovative companies offering competitive solutions that will profit from trends in four key areas:


Nutrition: Changing dietary patterns create opportunities in the areas of organic and natural food, nutrition, food safety and analysis.


Activity: Growing awareness of the positive health effects of physical activity creates opportunities for producers of athletic apparel and equipment as well as fitness centers.


Personal care: Consumers’ growing preference for natural products creates opportunities in cosmetics, hygiene and nutritional supplements.


Healthcare: Focuses on opportunities in the areas of disease prevention, early diagnosis, generic drugs, self-medication and chronic care.


 Portfolio Managers



Dieter Küffer, CFA 
Senior Portfolio Manager (a.i.)


Moritz Dullinger  
Co-Portfolio Manager / Analyst Healthcare


Equity Analysts

Mathias Büeler, CFA
Senior Analyst
Financials, Media

Moritz Dullinger

Oliver Girakhou
Senior Analyst
Materials, Construction, Machinery & Transportation
Thomas Guennegues, CFA
Senior Analyst
Utilities, Renewable Energies, Electrical Equipment

Junwei Hafner-Cai, CIIA
Senior Analyst

Matthias Müller, CFA
Senior Analyst
Information Technology & Telecommunication

Aaron Re'em, CFA
Consumer Staples & Retailing

Sustainability Investing (SI) Analysts

Jacob Messina, CFA
Head of SI Research
Francis Condon
Senior SI Analyst
Energy & Mining
Roland Hengerer, PhD
SI Analyst
Rashila Kerai
SI Analyst
Jürgen Siemer, PhD
Senior SI Analyst
Consumer Staples

Melissa Castillo Spinoso
SI Analyst

Michael van der Meer, CFA
Senior SI Analyst
Emerging Markets

Rachel Whittaker, CFA
Senior SI Analyst
Consumer Discretionary & Impact Investing