QI Global Sustainable Equities

QI Global Sustainable Equities

The RobecoSAM QI Global Sustainable Equities Strategy offers investors exposure to global equities close to that of the MSCI World, with an improved sustainability and risk-return profile.

Drawing on RobecoSAM’s expertise in sustainability research and Robeco’s long track record in quantitative investing, the strategy builds a diversified portfolio in which companies with strong sustainability performance and attractive valuation and sentiment characteristics are overweighted relative to the benchmark, while companies with less attractive sustainability profiles are underweighted. 

Key benefits of the RobecoSAM QI Global Sustainable Equities Strategy include:

  • A low-tracking-error global equities strategy with lower costs
  • Bottom-up stock selection based on proven quantitative models that combine the results of RobecoSAM’s annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment, an annual ESG analysis of 2,800 listed companies, with Robeco’s financial screens
  • Suitable for investors who wish to gain exposure to sustainability while outperforming the MSCI World Index 


Portfolio Managers (Robeco)


Machiel Zwanenburg
Portfolio Manager


Michael Strating
Head Quantitative Equities, Portfolio Manager

Quantitative Research (Robeco)
David Blitz, PhD
Head Quantitative Equity Research

Weili Zhou, CFA

Bart van der Grient
Laurens Swinkels, PhD
Matthias Hanauer, PhD, CFA
Dennis Karstanje, PhD
Joris Blonk
Jornt Beetstra, CFA
Research talent pool
3 Investment Professionals
~ 10 Interns < 5 years experience
Sustainability Investing Research & Development (RobecoSAM)
Daniel Wild, PHD
Head of SI Research & Development /
Member of the ExCo
Fabio Pellizari
Head of Products & Engineering
Ruben Feldman
Senior Quantitative Analyst
Jacob Messina, CFA
Head of SI Research
Francis Condon
Senior SI Analyst
Energy & Mining
Roland Hengerer, PhD
SI Analyst
Rashila Kerai
SI Analyst
Jürgen Siemer, PhD
Senior SI Analyst
Consumer Staples
Melissa Castillo Spinoso
SI Analyst
Michael van der Meer, CFA
SI Analyst
Emerging Markets
Rachel Whittaker, CFA
Senior SI Analyst
Consumer Discretionary & Impact Investing
Client Portfolio Management (Robeco)

Bernhard Breloer, PhD
Region focus: Germany / Switzerland

Tom Naaijkens
Region focus: Asia-Pacific
Frank Wird’s, CFA
Region focus: Asia-Pacific
Jan de Koning, CFA, CAIA
Region focus: Europe