Asset Management

The RobecoSAM Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on the core belief that sustainable companies will outperform their peers in the long-term. We collect, analyze, and integrate material ESG information into our fundamental investment approach. The result is  a concentrated portfolio of companies with solid financial fundamentals at attractive valuations relative to their intrinsic value. Our approach is designed to achieve superior returns across all our product portfolios and investment solutions.

Sustainability Investing

Sustainable companies provide products and services that create value for society, both today and in the future. 

At RobecoSAM we believe company performance is driven by sound business practices, efficiency improvements, and the creation of new solutions for the myriad of challenges facing society over the decades to come. 

By integrating under-researched, material, extra-financial information into our investment processes, we believe we can make better informed investment decisions.

Focus on quality with a long-term view

Quality is indicated by three perspectives on a company: its competitive position, its financial performance and its focus on sustainability factors. We rely on our proprietary research to develop investment theses that provide exposure to all of these features, but with a disciplined valuation approach. Overpaying for a business, no matter how strong it is, will result in inferior returns. We seek to exploit inefficiencies created by the market’s obsession with quarterly results. Short-termism leads to inaccurate projections, a failure to focus on the core issues, and results in price volatility that benefits the patient, long term investor.

High Conviction Approach

A structured investment process is the basis for generating positive returns. The risks in our portfolios are constantly monitored and controlled. However, we are not benchmark driven investors. It is our firm conviction that searching for opportunities with the highest potential is the best approach in selecting companies. We trust that our philosophy, our proprietary data and research, combined with our disciplined screening and valuation processes are likely to yield the best investment ideas. Running diversified, but concentrated, portfolios that translate into positive results is our objective.

What we offer

At RobecoSAM, we understand the opportunities and challenges facing our clients in the financial sector. As one of the world’s leading experts in Sustainability Investing, we serve institutional investors and consultants around the world with expert advice, innovative investment products and sophisticated investment solutions.
RobecoSAM’s proprietary research and sustainability data are fully integrated into our financial products and Sustainability Investing solutions that aim to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns:

  • Thematic Resource Efficiency Strategies Long-term megatrends are giving rise to sustainability challenges in the areas of water, energy, materials, agribusiness, healthy living as well as child labor and gender equality. RobecoSAM identifies innovative, future-oriented companies that are actively seeking to provide solutions to these thematic challenges. These companies, we believe, will be best positioned to experience above-average growth in their respective industries.
  • Sustainable Core Strategies Our core products are diversified global and regional equity strategies that systematically integrate material sustainability factors into traditional financial analysis. The result is portfolio of sustainability leaders, within their respective peer group, who exhibit superior capacity to generate long-term shareholder value.

We consider you a long-term partner – your interests and your objectives are our top priorities.


Please contact us to learn how RobecoSAM’s unique approach to Sustainability Investing can enhance the risk-return characteristics of your investment strategy.

Compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)

RobecoSAM claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). The GIPS standards are a set of high-level, voluntary ethical principles used by leading asset managers around the world as a “passport” to quantify and market their investment results. The GIPS certification confirms a realistic, objective and consistent presentation and full disclosure of performance information. As such, it gives prospective and existing clients a greater degree of confidence in the investment results being presented to them. GIPS compliance helps us continuously strengthen our internal processes and controls and enables us and our clients and prospects to better compare our investment performance to that of our competitors.

For the purpose of compliance with GIPS, the firm includes all institutional segregated accounts as well as pooled investment vehicles managed by RobecoSAM Portfolio Management (an organizational unit of the RobecoSAM AG). RobecoSAM has been independently verified for the periods from January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2016. GIPS compliant composite presentation and/or the firms list of composite description can be obtained upon request at RobecoSAM AG, Client Servicing, Josefstrasse 218, CH-8005 Zurich.