Why participate?

The RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) is an annual evaluation of companies’ sustainability practices. Each year we ask over 3,400 listed companies around the world between 80-120 industry-specific questions focusing on economic, environmental and social factors that are relevant to the companies’ success, but that are under-researched in conventional financial analysis.

So why dedicate the time and resources to completing the CSA?

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Learn from your results

As a company participating in the CSA, you will receive a Company Benchmarking Scorecard comparing your sustainability performance to that of your industry peers. The scorecard covers all criteria assessed and shows your company's sustainability performance, both in absolute and relative terms, compared to the industry average and your industry's top performing company.

The scorecard offers valuable insights into sustainability trends affecting your industry, and many companies use it as an internal management tool to identify gaps and make improvements to their own corporate sustainability strategies.

Personalized feedback
You also have the opportunity to speak to a specialist at RobecoSAM to review your results and discuss areas for improvement. For companies interested in a more in-depth analysis of their sustainability performance, our Sustainability Services team offers a range of standard and customized Company Benchmarking services including detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis and a discussion of the companies’ strengths and weaknesses compared to the their industry peers.

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Equally important, participation in the CSA encourages greater interaction between organizational divisions within your company, creating internal structures for data collection and facilitating the development of sustainability strategies that deliver business value.  
“At AXA we believe high performance in the CSA is a good proxy for advanced sustainability practices, which translates into better awareness of long term risks and opportunities. In a nutshell: the CSA makes us a better company for all stakeholders.”

 Christian Thimann, Member of AXA Group’s Executive Committee and Group Head of Strategy, Sustainability & Public Affairs

An unparalleled methodology

Focus on what investors care about
The CSA focuses on criteria that are both industry-specific and financially material, and has been doing so since 1999. This helps you understand which sustainability factors are important from an investor’s perspective, and which in turn, are most likely to have an impact on your company’s financial performance. Thus, the CSA serves as a sustainability roadmap helping you to prioritize corporate sustainability initiatives that are most likely to enhance your company’s competitiveness.

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A dynamic and constantly evolving assessment
We continuously update the questionnaire to capture emerging sustainability trends and opportunities that are expected to shape companies’ competitive environment.
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We look at the full picture
The breadth and depth of the assessment across the economic, environmental and social dimensions gives you a unique opportunity to highlight your company’s sustainability strengths in areas that might not be covered in traditional sustainability reports. This results in a more accurate reflection of your company’s sustainability performance.

Reach a wider range of investors

RobecoSAM publishes selected CSA data - such as company percentile rankings at the criterion, dimension and total score levels - on the Bloomberg Professional platform. Not only does this allow you to showcase your company’s sustainability performance to the global investment community, it also gives over 12,000 Bloomberg licensees the tools to compare, analyze and identify sustainability leaders, enabling them to integrate relevant sustainability information into their investment decisions.

Enhance your reputation as a sustainability leader

Participation in the CSA also offers various opportunities for enhancing your brand and reputation as a global sustainability leader in the eyes of stakeholders, financial analysts and the public at large. 
Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
Your company may be selected for inclusion in one or more of the globally recognized Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), which have been tracking the financial performance of companies that are corporate sustainability leaders in their respective industries since 1999, and have since have become the gold standard for sustainability.

Companies that qualify for the DJSI receive the DJSI Member logo demonstrating that they belong to a select group of sustainability leaders within their industry.

In addition, results of the CSA are used to construct innovative indices such as the S&P Long-Term Value Creation Index and the S&P ESG Index Series, attracting new shareholders looking for a broader range of Sustainability Investing solutions.

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The Sustainability Yearbook
Each year, we publish the RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbook − the world’s most comprehensive publication on corporate sustainability − based on information collected through the CSA.
Not only are the top 15% of the companies from each industry included in The Sustainability Yearbook, they are also classified into three categories: RobecoSAM Gold Class, RobecoSAM Silver Class and RobecoSAM Bronze Class.

If your company qualifies for one of these categories, you will receive the RobecoSAM Distinction logo for internal and external marketing and communication purposes.

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Reduce your reporting burden

Aligned with leading sustainability frameworks
We work with globally recognized sustainability research and reporting organizations such as CDP, CDP Water, EcoVadis, GRESB, and EDGE Certified Foundation to align our methodology and questions on specific topics. Not only does this help ensure that our analysis is consistent with leading sustainability research, it also enables you to leverage your CSA responses to complete other sustainability questionnaires and vice-versa, lessening you overall reporting burden. 

”With the G20 setting up the Task Force to address corporate disclosure of climate-related financial risks, there is no better time for businesses to pay attention to their reporting”, says Tony Rooke, Director of Reporting at CDP. “The alignment between RobecoSAM and CDP on climate change facilitates more consistent corporate reporting in this area whilst reducing the reporting burden for companies. This also enables financial stakeholders to better understand and compare how businesses are managing climate-related issues for a resilient future.”

Integrated into your preferred sustainability software

To further streamline the process of completing the CSA, our online assessment tool uses XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) technology, the open international standard for digital business reporting. The XBRL Taxonomy for the CSA is a coded representation of all 60 industry-specific CSA questionnaires. This allows you and your software providers to integrate the CSA questionnaire into your corporate reporting systems, enabling you to automatically transfer the required data from your information management platforms directly into the RobecoSAM CSA. Not only does this reduce the time and resources needed to complete the assessment, but it also provides a consistent approach to transmitting sustainability information, improving the overall quality and accuracy of the data.

Currently, UL EHS supports the integration of the CSA into their software platforms.


To ensure quality and objectivity of the CSA, RobecoSAM voluntarily appoints independent third party Deloitte to conduct an external audit of the assessment process each year.

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Resource center

If you are participating in the CSA, the resource center provides you with a wealth of information describing our methodology, on-line support, registration instruction, tips and answers to Frequenly Asked Questions.

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