Corporate Sustainability Assessment checklist for participating companies

  1. Registration

    First time participants: go to to sign up. If you have any questions, you can contact

    Returning participants: confirm your participation in the current assessment.
  2. Complete the questionnaire

    First time participants: you will need to complete as much of the questionnaire as possible. This includes attaching supporting evidence where necessary, referring to publicly available information and adding additional comments where needed. 
    Returning participants: you can use the pre-fill functionality to populate the new questionnaire with last year’s answers
  3. Consult instructions

    Carefully read the supplementary Information Text for each question to understand key definitions and data requirements. You can also consult our CSA Companion, which covers the general criteria and is updated annually.

  4. Check your data 

    Make sure the information is up-to-date, and that all references and links are working. 
  5. Ask for help

    If you get stuck – contact the CSA Helpline! (

  6. Review

    Please review all your answers before submitting. Users logged in with the administrator account can walk through the questionnaire and mark individual questions as “Approved”, to prevent any other users from making any additional changes.

  7. Submit

    If you are happy with your responses, you can submit the questionnaire directly to RobecoSAM through the online assessment tool.

  8. Approval Form

    By submitting your company information, you agree and accept the policies laid out in the document entitled Approval Form which outlines the policies governing our confidentiality, data handling and usage. To document your consent to the Approval Form, we kindly request that you submit a scanned version of the signed Approval Form to


For more information about the assessment please contact: 

CSA Helpline
T: +41 44 653 10 30