Why sustainability?

Sustainability challenges are shaping companies’ competitive landscape, and companies that take the lead in seizing opportunities and managing risks associated with these challenges are best-positioned to outperform their peers. We are convinced that the integration of financially material sustainability information into our investment decisions helps us to evaluate companies’ quality of management and future performance potential. The CSA forms the foundation of this integration and allows us to proactively engage companies on sustainability topics that drive business performance and help them manage long-term risks. Sustainability forms the core of our investment philosophy, and we are driven to help companies make it part of their corporate DNA.

Many investors recognize that ESG factors are important contributors to financial performance. For this reason, a growing number of asset owners have committed to integrating corporate sustainability information into an ever increasing pool of assets, through initiatives such as the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

One questionnaire, a multitude of uses

But what do we do with all of this information we collect year in and year out? In addition to determining the components of the growing range of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), and the members of The Sustainability Yearbook, the results of the CSA serve a wide range of applications. Not only are the insights from the CSA fully integrated into our asset management offering, they are also the starting point for the research driving many of our innovations in Sustainability Investing.

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A history of innovation

What started out as a paper-based questionnaire in 1999 has now grown into one of the world’s most extensive corporate sustainability databases. To ensure that our analysis remains focused on financially material criteria, we continuously refine our methodology to reflect new sustainability trends that are likely to have an impact on companies’ competitive landscape.

Our CSA timeline highlights the key innovations to the questionnaire as well as some of the major technological developments, environmental challenges, and global events that have influenced our methodology over the years.


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Benefits of the CSA

Participating in the CSA offers companies a range of advantages and rewards:

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