The world is facing a series of global challenges:

2.4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation
168 million children around the world are forced to work
1/3 of all food produced is wasted each year

On average, women in the US are paid only 79% of what men are paid
1.4 billion people worldwide live without electricity
2 billion people do not have access to the medicine they need

Sources: International Labour Organization, AAUW, United Nations, Access to Medicine Index

Shape the future with Impact Investing

In response, the global community has come together to address these challenges by launching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

And at RobecoSAM, we are actively contributing towards meeting the SDGs. Find out how our Impact Investing solutions help address global challenges while generating positive returns for investors.

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The 17 goals reflect a renewed commitment to a set of universal priorities ranging from ensuring the availability of water and sanitation for all, ensuring food security and achieving gender equality, to ensuring access to affordable and sustainable energy by 2030.

But governments and civil society will need to mobilize private capital to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, creating opportunities for investors who wish to generate positive social and environmental impacts through their investments. 
This is where RobecoSAM's Impact Investing solutions come in.

Impact Investing at a glance

Impact Investing intentionally seeks measurable social and environmental benefits alongside a financial return.

From niche to mainstream

Impact Investing has traditionally been considered a niche concept that focused on microfinance, private equity or project financing. But to achieve a socio-economic impact on a larger-scale, Impact Investing is increasingly being applied to mainstream asset classes ranging from listed equities to fixed income.
Daniel Wild, Head of SI Research & Development explains how our range of investment solutions can help you make a positive societal impact.

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Choose your impact

Whether your investment objectives lead you to select sustainability indices, actively managed global equities, thematic equities, or fixed income solutions, all of our investment strategies address one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals.

A range of Impact Investing capabilities

Engaging for impact

Exercising our shareholder rights is an effective way to influence company behavior. By maintaining a constructive dialogue with companies on selected social, environmental and governance topics, our colleagues on Robeco’s Governance & Active Ownership team actively engage with companies to enhance the positive social and environmental impacts of your portfolios. The Governance & Active Ownership team has been engaging with companies since 2005, and has engaged with companies on the following themes:

Measure your impact

Our Environmental Impact Monitoring Tool uses data from the annual RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) to monitor the impact of your core equity or corporate credit portfolios on four environmental indicators:

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By measuring your portfolio’s environmental footprint, we help you understand the magnitude of its environmental impact so that you can maximize the positive impacts, or reduce the negative environmental impacts of your investments.

Learn more about the Environmental Impact Monitoring Tool

Why RobecoSAM?

Our Impact Investing offering combines over 20 years of experience in Sustainability Investing with our unparalleled research. We are convinced that financial markets have the power to promote sustainable business practices and address global social and environmental concerns. It is this conviction that guides our efforts to mobilize capital towards creating a positive impact.


  • Asset manager focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing since 1995
  • USD 21,5 billion in ESG assets under management, advice and/or license at RobecoSAM
  • USD 119 billion in assets managed by Robeco integrate RobecoSAM’s ESG data
    *all figures as of June, 2018


  • Direct access to companies through our annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA)
  • CSA serves as an engagement platform encouraging companies to improve their sustainability performance
  • Wealth of proprietary information collected through CSA enables us to measure and monitor the impacts of our portfolios

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