Focus themes

Impact Investing

The world is facing a series of environmental and social challenges. As sustainable investors, we have the power to shape the future by mobilizing capital towards companies that are tackling these challenges head on. We offer a range of Impact Investing solutions for investors who wish to make a positive socio-environmental impact while generating financial returns.

Climate change

The global divestment campaign aimed at fossil fuels has placed a spotlight on the role of asset owners and managers in the fight against climate change. Recognizing that climate change is the largest and most complex of sustainability issues, RobecoSAM is tackling the issue on multiple fronts.


We need water for everything: for our personal use, to grow food, and to produce virtually all the goods required for our survival. Practically all of society’s commercial activities, from agriculture and electricity generation to the production of consumer goods depend on the availability of water. But population growth, an aging infrastructure, water pollution, and climate change are straining on our limited water resources. Despite these challenges, human ingenuity, innovation and market forces have generally led to innovation and the development of technologies to overcome the water crisis.

Healthy Living

Consumer habits are changing more and more due to the growing awareness of the positive effects associated with a healthy lifestyle. In connection with the need to control health costs, the key is preventive health care through a better diet and more physical activity.