Water: the market of the future

Water is a critical resource with no adequate substitute. Yet while demand for water resources is unlimited, supply is finite. Never has this been more apparent than now: droughts in California and southeastern Brazil, groundwater pollution in China, and aging infrastructure are straining our limited water resources. According to a study published in the Water Resources Research journal, 21 of the world’s 37 biggest aquifers are in distress because of human activities.
But there is a silver lining: governments and companies around the world have recognized the severity of the water crisis. The Chinese government plans to invest in water and wastewater treatment. Meanwhile, both Singapore and Israel have invested heavily in desalination and water recycling to overcome their water shortages. These initiatives have created opportunities for companies that provide solutions to the water challenge.  Indeed, the water market is expected to reach USD 1 trillion by 2025.
Our latest RobecoSAM Study “Water: the market of the future,” examines these developments and more, including the key megatrends shaping the water market.
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Trading water for fuel

Trading water for fuel

Tap into water opportunities

The RobecoSAM Water strategy invests along the whole water value chain, including water quality & analytics, construction & water related materials, water treatment systems and water utilities. Technologies along the water value chain are researched by an experienced investment management team for potential inclusion into the portfolio. The strategy has been managed by Dieter Küffer since its inception in 2001.

Water - Our most precious resource

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