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Investing in Response to Climate Change: RobecoSAM’s Toolkit

RobecoSAM focuses on thought leadership and actions supporting sustainability investing. This is the starting point for proactively managing the many ESG issues that arise. When it comes to fossil fuels, we are focusing on reducing the carbon emissions associated with our portfolios while exploring avenues for selective engagement.

Sustainability - The essence of value

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Brochure Governance and Active Ownership

Engaging with companies on the most material sustainability issues can enhance their competitiveness and profitability, as well as generate measurable benefits for investors and society as a whole. This brochure explores RobecoSAM’s integrated approach to engagement and voting as part of a successful Sustainability Investing strategy that intends to improve the risk-return profile of investor portfolios and continuously tries to raise the bar for corporate sustainability practices. It outlines RobecoSAM’s governance & active ownership process, the principles on which it is based and the service options available to clients using this offering.