Our colleagues on Robeco’s Governance and Active Ownership team engage with companies on a range of ESG topics on behalf of RobecoSAM’s clients. Our Engage series highlights the team’s voting and engagement activities.

ESG risks and opportunities in the textile sector

16-11-2016 | Engage | Kanchan Mishra, Peter van der Werf, Rachel Whittaker

Recent high profile accidents at clothing factories have put a spotlight on health & safety risks in the clothing value chain. Such incidents can severely damage a clothing company’s reputation, brand loyalty, sales, and ultimately, shareholder value. For this reason, the Governance and Active Ownership Team spent three years engaging with eight clothing companies on the health & safety risks in their supply chains. Our final report “Health & Safety Risks in the Textile Sector” provides an overview of the key risks associated with the clothing value chain, highlights which clothing companies showed the greatest improvement in managing health & safety risks within their supply chain, and outlines the main implications for each company’s investment case.

Engaging to mitigate risks in the soy supply chain

14-07-2016 | Engage | Jürgen Siemer, Kanchan Mishra, Peter van der Werf

Water use is also one of many environmental concerns associated with soy production. RobecoSAM’s Governance & Active Ownership team recently closed a three-year engagement with a selection companies along the entire soy supply chain to address ESG risks in soy production. This final report “Engaging to mitigate risks in the soy supply chain” highlights which companies showed an improvement in managing ESG risks within their soy supply chains during the course of the engagement

Reducing the carbon footprint of our portfolios through engagement

13-07-2016 | Engage | Matthias Narr, Sylvia van Waveren

Following the historic COP21 agreement to limit global warming to 2°C, national governments are beginning to work out how to enforce emissions reductions targets within their own countries. At the same time, as owners of companies whose activities are contributing to climate change, investors are also exploring what role they can play in the transition to a low carbon economy. Sylvia van Waveren and Matthias Narr, Engagement Specialists at RobecoSAM, explain how engagement can be an effective approach to reducing carbon footprints.

The lion in the wild versus the lion in the cage

11-02-2015 | Engage | Matthias Narr, Sylvia van Waveren

Tightening legislation and growing consumer awareness on the dangers of toxic chemicals can have a serious impact on chemical companies that investors should consider when investing in the sector. RobecoSAM has launched a new platform to engage with companies on the potentially negative impacts of hazardous chemicals on their image and competitiveness as well as their efforts to develop less toxic alternatives. Read more about our new roundtable with chemical companies in our latest Engage.

Food for thought: Social issues along the food & agri chain

17-12-2014 | Engage | Peter van der Werf

Companies are increasingly being held accountable for social issues in their supply chain, with scandals involving human rights issues and poor labor standards a very immediate threat for food producers and supermarkets. In our latest Engage, Engagement Specialist Peter van der Werf describes RobecoSAM Governance & Active Ownership’s new engagement theme focusing on social supply chain issues in the food & agri industry.

Concrete progress on eco-efficiency for metals and cement companies

10-11-2014 | Engage | Sylvia van Waveren

Ecological efficiency in the metals and cement industries is vital to a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy. In our new Engage piece, Senior Engagement Specialist Sylvia van Waveren explains how RobecoSAM’s successful engagement has helped 11 companies realize their ecological cost savings potential – and thus their value for investors.

Abe's third arrow targets Japanese corporate governance

08-10-2014 | Engage | Carola van Lamoen

Following February’s launch of the Japanese Stewardship Code, Japanese corporate governance is rapidly gaining momentum, fueled both by the current regulatory push and by pressure from foreign investors. In our Engage piece, Carola van Lamoen, Head of RobecoSAM’s Governance & Active Ownership team, reports from her recent trip to Japan and explains why she is confident that Japanese companies will continue to raise the quality of their corporate governance.

Food & Health – Benefiting from the trend towards a healthier lifestyle

30-07-2014 | Engage | Peter van der Werf

More and more people across the world are adopting an unhealthy lifestyle that could lead to health problems as they get older. Excessive consumption of certain foods and drinks is a big part of this problem, so food and beverage makers are under increasing pressure to offer healthier food products. Read in our RobecoSAM Engage how food and beverage makers respond to this challenge.

Unconventional energy: potential source of ESG risks

03-07-2014 | Engage | Sylvia van Waveren

RobecoSAM has recently closed an engagement with oil and gas companies on the ESG investment risks related to the exploration of unconventional energy sources, such as oil sands and shale gas.

Corporate risks in controversial regimes

05-06-2014 | Engage | Daniëlle Essink, Francis Condon

Controversial regimes are countries or regions associated with systemic risks such as poor national and corporate governance systems, systematic human rights violations, or a lack of adequate environmental policy.

A sharper focus on board quality is needed

08-05-2014 | Engage | Michiel van Esch

The quality of a corporate board is vital to good corporate governance. Engagement specialist Michiel van Esch recently commissioned a study into board quality and nomination procedures. The conclusions will be used as a starting point for a new engagement program. Given the daunting diversity of in corporate board structures around the world, this is a challenging, but important task.

Waterproofing Mondelēz International’s sustainability practices

31-03-2014 | Engage | Peter van der Werf

Water management is crucial to the food and beverage sector. As much as 70% of global fresh water is used for irrigation. Engagement specialist Peter van der Werf conducted an active dialogue with Mondelēz International and saw the US snack business evolve from a company with little awareness to an enterprise with a water management strategy firmly embedded in its operations.

Carbon management directly benefits real estate companies

27-02-2014 | Engage | Sylvia van Waveren

Climate change can pose significant investment challenges. Therefore, companies’ CO2 management is a recurring theme in RobecoSAM’s engagement program. As the real estate sector represents over 10 % of annual global emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, RobecoSAM has started a three-year engagement with companies in this sector.

Can the textile industry prevent another Rana Plaza?

31-01-2014 | Engage | Peter van der Werf

Faced with growing stakeholder scrutiny in the wake of last April’s Rana Plaza tragedy, the textile industry is under growing pressureto safeguard the health and safety of its garment workers. Engagement Specialist Peter van der Werf explains how RobecoSAM is engaging with clothing companies to encourage them to improve their practices.

Digging into ESG risks reveals a different story for every mine

19-12-2013 | Engage | Michiel van Esch

Mining activities can have a severe negative impact on employees, the environment and society at large. As local situations differ greatly, so do the risks that need to be mapped. Engagement Specialist Michiel van Esch explains how RobecoSAM supports mining operators in optimizing their ESG risk oversight processes and policies.

Sustainable business in conflict areas benefits all involved

25-11-2013 | Engage | Daniëlle Essink

An increasing number of companies are entering conflict-affected areas. In such high-risk countries, sustainable operations management can benefit companies, investors, local communities and governments alike. RobecoSAM is actively involved in guiding

Proper stakeholder management saves costs

30-10-2013 | Engage | Daniëlle Essink

When engaging with companies, investors sometimes have to sort through a stack of claims and data from a whole range of stakeholders including companies, investors, NGOs and local communities. Daniëlle Essink, Senior Engagement Specialist, encountered various competing claims during her engagement with GDF Suez about the construction of the Jirau Dam in Brazil.

Eco-efficiency pays off

01-09-2013 | Engage | Sylvia van Waveren

Ecological efficiency in the metals and cement industries is vital to a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy. It also allows companies to reduce costs. Still, not many companies are fully aware of the opportunities. Senior Environmental Engagement Specialist Sylvia van Waveren is engaging with companies to help them realize their ecological cost savings potential.

Healthier food for healthier consumers

01-08-2013 | Engage | Peter van der Werf, Michiel van Esch

Obesity rates and related chronic diseases have risen at an alarming rate, straining healthcare systems. To help address this problem, RobecoSAM’s Governance & Active Ownership team launched an engagement initiative to encourage food producers and retailers to offer healthier products. Find out more about the key findings from the past year of shareholder dialogue, and looks ahead to the improvements anticipated in the coming years.

RobecoSAM takes a closer look at governance in South Korea - 07/2013

At the KB Financial Group Inc. Annual General Meeting (AGM) on July 12, 2013, a new CEO / Chairman was appointed. In order to evaluate the qualifications of the candidate that had been selected by KB Financial’s Evaluation Committee, RobecoSAM discussed the proposal with the company in preparation for the AGM vote. Robeco Emerging Markets Equity Analyst Koos Burema and Engagement Analyst Peter van der Werf explain why they supported the election of the new CEO and Chairman.

Employee satisfaction for a healthy business - 06/2013

In July 2010, the Governance and Active Ownership team initiated its engagement theme on employee satisfaction and health. Engage­ment Specialist Michiel van Esch looks back at some of the key out­comes and conclusions of this engagement initiative and their impli­cations for investors.

The fashion industry: a thirsty business - 05/2013

Water is an important topic for RobecoSAM. Engagement Analyst Peter van der Werf pursues an active dialogue with ten apparel companies on water management in their supply chain.

RobecoSAM digs deeper into mining sector risks - 04/2013

Risk oversight is an important part of a company's corporate governance. It is vital to the mining sector, where the risks are significant. Senior Engagement Specialist Carola van Lamoen will start an active dialogue with mining companies to help them keep their risks in check.