A platform for an ongoing dialogue on crucial sustainability issues, the RobecoSAM Interview offers different perspectives on key trends impacting businesses and investors today.

Trump’s energy policy needs renewal

21-11-2016 | Interview

The surprising Trump victory has sparked heated debate over the future direction of US energy policy.  We asked Thiemo Lang, PhD, for his thoughts on the short and long-term implications for the clean energy sector.

Sustainable Water: 15 years of protecting the world's liquid assets

28-09-2016 | Interview

For 15 years, RobecoSAM has been investing in solutions to the global water challenge.

Energy investments for a low carbon future

29-03-2016 | Interview | Thiemo Lang, PhD

Thiemo Lang, Senior Portfolio Manager of the RobecoSAM Smart Energy Strategy, discusses the future of the energy sector in the wake of this renewed global commitment to reducing CO2 emissions.

The future for fossil fuels in a low carbon economy

Bertrand Janus, Head of CSR Reporting at Total, discusses how the oil & gas industry is preparing for a low carbon economy.

An energy boost for your portfolio

Smart energy is an innovative approach to addressing such global challenges as climate change and resource scarcity – and an attractive investment theme as renewable energies and energy-efficient solutions develop into self-sustained markets. In our interview, Senior Portfolio Manager Thiemo Lang explains why smart energy is more attractive than ever and highlights key opportunities in the sector.

"Sustainability Investing on the agenda" - 11/2012

Dr. Daniel Wild, Head of Research and a member of the Executive Committee at SAM, and Erik Breen, Robeco Group’s Head of Responsible Investing, recently discussed why sustainability themes have moved to the top of the agenda for institutional investors such as pension funds.

"If we don’t think sustainably, we will not remain in business" - 10/2012

Roche, the world's largest biopharmaceutical company, is the 2012-2013 DJSI Supersector Leader in Healthcare. Stephan Feldhaus, Roche's Head of Group Communica- tions, explains what this distinction means for his firm.

No drought of solutions for the food security challenge - 08/2012

The summer of 2012 will go down in US history as one of the worst droughts in recent memory. Senior Portfolio Manager Martin Jochum discusses the effects of this dry spell on the agribusiness sector, and highlights investment clusters within the SAM Sustainable Agribusiness Equities Strategy that offer solutions for mitigating the impacts of such extreme weather events.

Sustainable Companies with Attractive Valuation and Stable Earnings Outlook - 01/2012

In the Interview with Diego d'Argenio, Senior Portfolio Manager SAM Sustainable Global Active Strategy, and Kai Fachinger, Senior Portfolio Manager SAM Sustainable European Equities Strategy you will learn what distinguishes SAM's sustainable Global / European equity portfolios from mainstream equity managers.