Meet RobecoSAM's experts for sustainable investments. In the interviews and presentations they provide first hand insights into sustainability. Find out today about the sustainability trends of tomorrow.

Shape the future with Impact Investing

RobecoSAM is actively contributing towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. Find out how our Impact Investing solutions benefit both investors and society at large.

Healthy Living: Active lifestyle, active portfolio

Investing and biking have more in common than you think

RobecoSAM takes to the road to show you the similarities between biking and integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions (Sustainability Investing). Investing, like biking, can be full of unexpected conditions; RobecoSAM has the expertise to guide you through.

Mobilizing capital to enable the more efficient use of the world’s resources

Focusing on resource efficiency solutions is about more than protecting scarce natural resources. It is also about tapping into potentially huge long-term growth opportunities. Watch our video to catch a glimpse of the many areas in which innovative businesses are helping the global economy adapt to resource scarcity – and investors generate long-term returns.

Smart Energy: Smart performance

Our insatiable hunger for energy has highlighted the need for more energy efficient solutions. Energy efficient LED lighting technology can help us reduce our energy consumption while offering other benefits.

Water – Our most precious resource

Investing in water solutions is more than just providing people with access to water. It is also about capitalizing on long-term growth opportunities and enhancing portfolio returns.

The Truth Behind Sustainability Investing – 11/2013

This 2-minute video aims to educate the audience on Sustainability Investing (SI) by debunking the three most common myths associated with it. It shows how SI works for the triple bottom line: profit, people, and planet.