Benefits for corporate functions

You ask the questions, our database has the answers
  • What are best-in-class companies doing differently than us to attract and retain talent?
  • How openly do leading companies communicate codes of conducts, risk management policies and breaches?
  • Are we interacting with media and stakeholders in the right way?
RobecoSAM assists you across your Sustainability Benchmarking cycle. 
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Measure your performance

Participate in our Corporate Sustainability Assessment to
  • create a quantitative baseline that makes qualitative sustainability data tangible
  • facilitate the measurement of your sustainability performance as a basis for effective benchmarking
  • attract new investors and new talent by making your excellence in sustainability visible

Benchmark against your peers

We support you with different benchmarking options from detailed analysis of all dimensions to a question-level deep-dive; against your industry or selected peer groups.
  • understand the strengths and weaknesses of your talent and human capital management
  • receive industry averages of labor practice indicators, such as diversity of workforce or voluntary turnover averages in your industry
  • receive good-practice examples in corporate governance, codes of conduct or risk and crisis management
  • receive details on the conducted media and stakeholder analysis including relevant criteria, cases found and impact analysis

Learn from data

Rounding out its offering of sustainability assessments and benchmarking tools, RobecoSAM Sustainability Services offers in-depth workshops and customized training courses to
  • discuss your company’s specific sustainability needs
  • gain better insight into key sustainability issues from an investor’s perspective
  • deep-dive into the results of your company's benchmarking analysis
  • improve your general corporate responsibility reportingby strengthening your data collection and reporting processes

“RobecoSAM’s sustainability benchmarking serves as a result for the annual health check of our organization. It helps us to gain an extended perspectives on business conduct that provides a balance between business benefit, social responsibility and environmental protection. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to benchmark our position with peers in the industry.”

PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited - Asdakorn Limpiti Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development Group. PTT Exploration and Production is a national petroleum exploration and production company in Thailand.

“The external visibility we have gained through our ranking in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment has changed the way investors engage with us. In the past, discussions focused on economic performance, bribery and risk management. Today, investors ask different questions and engage senior management on issues relating to human rights, climate change and sustainable supply chain management.”

Grupo Nutresa- Claudia Rivera, Sustainable Development Director.Grupo Nutresa is one of the largest food companies in Latin America based in Colombia.

"The CBR Presentation ideally complemented our benchmarking analysis. We benefited a lot from splitting the session into a high level presentation to top management and a broader workshop allowing us to drill down into the key findings of our report and better understand their relative importance. We really appreciated the collaborative approach and the facilitator’s responsiveness to our questions. It was an important learning session that brought together key issues for our strategic planning.”

Bradesco Bank- Luiz Carlos Angelotti, Executive Director & Director Investor Relations, Bradesco Bank is one of the biggest banking and financial services companies in Brazil.