Why RobecoSAM’s benchmarking services?

RobecoSAM’s Sustainability Services offer you affordable access to acomplex and sophisticated benchmarking tool built on many years of experience in Sustainability Investing, direct company contacts, analyses of public and non-public information and continuous methodological refinements that no company or consultancy can emulate on its own:

  • More than 20-year track record in analyzing 4,500 companies a year, resulting in one of the world’s largest corporate sustainability databases
  • Almost 1000 companies contributing their sustainability insights as part of their assessment
  • Application of 60 industry specific questionnaires with in total over 500 questions and 2,000 unique data points across economic, social and environmental dimensions
  • Over 20 in-house industry specialists supported by 18 external experts to assess company sustainability data
  • Active engagement with companies to improve our methodology year over year, conducting regular calls and company meetings in addition to exchanges with academics and thought leaders
  • Continuous evolution of the questionnaire to anticipate and reflect sustainability trends at the forefront of each industry

RobecoSAM Insight: Learn more about measuring intangibles and the way we quantify qualitative sustainabillity data.

Powerful, market-tested benchmarking services that can save you real money
With our unique data set compiled from years of detailed analysis, we’re able to offer you valuable insights based on in-depth, customized analysis that can help you dramatically improve your sustainability performance at a fraction of what you would spend with any consultant for a tailored, peer-to-peer assessment.

We know which sustainability practices matter to investors
As an asset manager focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing, we focus our methodology strictly on financially material sustainability factors and trends, thereby providing sustainability managers with more effective levers to drive change within their organization.

Independent and objective information from an authority you can trust
RobecoSAM’s credibility in sustainability investing provides companies with the reassurance that they are using a recognized framework: The world’s most renowned sustainability indices, the DJSI, are based on RobecoSAM’s research and methodology.

Services customized to your specific needs
Our modular approach allows you to tailor our Sustainability Services to your specific requirements for optimum effectiveness and cost efficiency.

"Effective benchmarking is indispensable for sharpening our ambitions, develop and implement improvements, but it’s costly and complex if you want to do it yourself. RobecoSAM’s Company Benchmarking Report compact and Detailed Peer Analysis have helped us to truly understand how our company’s sustainability performance stacks up against the competition and to learn how to turn that performance into competitive advantage."

Royal Philips N.V.- Henk de Bruin, Global Head of Sustainability