Benefits for operational managers

You ask the questions, our database has the answers
  • What are competitors doing to improve their operational eco-efficiency?
  • How efficient is our innovation management?
  • How sustainable is our supply chain?
RobecoSAM assists you across your Sustainability Benchmarking cycle. 
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Measure your performance

Participate in our Corporate Sustainability Assessment to
  • create a quantitative baseline that makes qualitative sustainability data tangible
  • use the scorecard as a valuable internal management tool to facilitate internal discussion and learning, identify gaps and initiate improvements in your business practices
  • Attract new business by making your excellence in sustainability visible

Benchmark against your peers

We support you with different benchmarking options from detailed analysis of all dimensions to a question-level deep-dive; against your industry or selected peer groups.
  • gain insight into sustainability best practices of companies that are recognized leaders in their field
  • identify key challenges and opportunities to capitalize on sustainable business practices
  • uncover potential for value creation / cost savings
  • create recognition and buy-in from senior management using independent quantitative and qualitative analysis

Learn from data

Rounding out its offering of sustainability assessments and benchmarking tools, RobecoSAM Sustainability Services offers in-depth workshops and customized training courses to
  • gain better insight into key sustainability issues from an investor’s perspective
  • deep-dive into the results of your company's benchmarking analysis
  • understand the most important (financially material) sustainability issues for your industry through an explanation of the rationale for each question/criterion

“RobecoSAM’s sustainability benchmarking services have provided us with valuable insights into such critical issues as the sustainability of our supply chain, innovation and resources management. The scorecard represents a highly useful internal management tool that facilitates learning and continuous improvement.”

Italcementi- Luca Musicco, Planning and Financial Risks Control.Italcementi Group is the world’s fifth largest cement producer.