Benefits for sustainability managers

You ask the questions, our database has the answers
  • What are the key sustainability opportunities and challenges facing my industry?
  • How does my company measure up in terms of reporting?
  • How have competitors improved their sustainability performance relative to us?

RobecoSAM assists you across your Sustainability Benchmarking cycle. 
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Measure your performance

Participate in our Corporate Sustainability Assessment.
  • create a quantitative baseline that makes qualitative sustainability data tangible
  • facilitate the measurement of your sustainability performance as a basis for effective benchmarking
  • gain external recognition for your sustainability efforts, to justify your efforts and motivate colleagues
  • improve your general corporate responsibility reporting by strengthening your data collection and reporting processes

Benchmark against your peers

We support you with different benchmarking options from detailed analysis of all dimensions to a question-level deep-dive; against your industry or selected peer groups.
  • understand sustainability best practices of companies that are recognized leaders in their field
  • create recognition and buy-in from senior management, using independent quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • support internal engagement by strengthening internal networks and communication across departments contributing to your company’s sustainability

Learn from data

Rounding out its offering of sustainability assessments and benchmarking tools, RobecoSAM Sustainability Services offers in-depth workshops and customized training courses to
  • engage senior management and other internal stakeholders in a discussion of your company’s specific sustainability needs
  • receive an outside view of the effectiveness of your sustainability communication
  • deep-dive into the results of benchmarking analysis provided for your company
  • efficiently plan your company’s participation in the annual RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment

“As change agents within our organization, we sustainability managers can draw on the Company Benchmarking Report when we want to share our strengths and try to tackle improvement areas back in our organization. It provides us with the data and best-practice examples we need to evaluate and benchmark our performance, justify our spending and keep our ears to the ground to anticipate the most material matters in the sustainability area.”

SVENSKA CELLULOSA AKTIEBOLAGET SCA- Per Brattberg, Director Sustainability Reporting, Corporate Sustainability and Public Affairs.SCA is a leading global hygiene and forest products company based in Sweden.

“The Detailed Peer Analysis has given us a benchmarking tool that has enabled us to identify gaps and prioritize resources. The two-way communication in the feedback call allowed us to dive into key issues, helping us to leverage the unique information.”

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.- Noriko Ikari, General Manager CSR.Nissan Motor is a global vehicle manufacturer based in Japan.

“The Company Benchmarking Report was invaluable. With this tool we now feel well positioned to better describe our practices and improve our ranking within the electric utilities industry. The report has helped our team to quickly identify needs for improvement in reporting and operational processes. The inclusion of “best practices” from organizations across industries was a plus. I highly recommend this product.“

AES Corporation- Leo Perkowski, Director Sustainability. US-based AES isa global power company with a diverse portfolio of operations in 20 countries.