The RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) forms the research basis for companies’ inclusion in different Indices, including the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). As participation in the CSA has increased steadily over the years, we wanted to find out first-hand what it is that makes this a valuable exercise for different companies – is it the prospect of being included in one of the world’s leading sustainability benchmarks? Do companies use their sustainability score as a sales argument or do they leverage the results to improve their own operations and measure up to competitors? In this series of interviews, we asked company representatives about their CSA experience.
06-07-2017 | Interview


RobecoSAM sustainability benchmarking services provide tangible benefits to improve your sustainability performance. Listen to representatives from AkzoNobel, Deutsche Telekom, NovoNordisk, Philips, Praxair, Siemens and UPM Kymene to learn first hand how sustainability benchmarking ads value.

08-02-2017 | Interview


We asked a number of long time participants in our Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) what kind of advice they have for first time participants. Watch this 4min video to learn first hand from Axa Group, Philips, Grupo Nutresa, Cementos Argos and UPM Kymene.

16-01-2017 | Interview


Axa Group relies on its Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) score for long term remuneration incentives explains Amandine Soulier, Head of SRI Relations, Strategy, Sustainability, & Public Affairs at AXA Group.

17-01-2017 | Interview


The CSA gives Philips a holistic feedback on the sustainbility performance of the company and helps to identify areas for improvement explains Simon Braaksma, Senior Director Sustainability Reporting, Philips.

18-01-2017 | Interview


The CSA makes Grupo Nutresa aware of global opportunities, risks and challenges in sustainability. It makes the company more agile to close the gaps, explains Alejandro Jimenez Moreno, Investor Relations Director at Grupo Nutresa S. A. explains.

19-01-2017 | Interview


The CSA gives us a step by step process to align our sustainability and business strategies" says Cristina Arias, Sustainability Director at Cementos Argos SA.

23-01-2017 | Interview


The CSA shows METRO GROUP the requirements of stakeholders and especially shareholders and investors. It helps the company to communicate their sustainability position to the capital market, explains Michael Goebbels, Director Strategy and Reporting Corporate Sustainability at METRO GROUP.

24-01-2017 | Interview


Praxair considers the CSA not just as the premier external sustainability assessment, but as a bell wether for future trends, explains Riva Krut, VP and Chief Sustainability Officer at Praxair Inc.

25-01-2017 | Interview


UPM uses the CSA results to benchmark their performance and to attract long term investors, explains Sami Lundgren, Director Ecolabels and Reporting at UPM Kymmene OYJ.

04-04-2017 | Interview


For Novo Nordisk the CSA is a proxy for good sustainable performance.  Susanne Stormer, VP Corporate Sustainability at Novo Nordisk explains that the CSA is a tool to raise the bar for the company’s sustainability performance.

04-04-2017 | Interview


SGS’ Paula Ordoñez, Global Sustainability Manager, explains how the CSA process is used to set the roadmap for the company’s sustainability strategy and to identify areas for improvement.

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Stockland: The CSA is a benchmark that helps us to drive internal thinking

02-12-2016 | Interview "Investors tell us that they gain strong confidence from the CSA and DJSI in how companies and sectors are performing on sustainability."

Davina Rooney, General Manager, Sustainability at Stockland

The CSA helps General Motors focus on value drivers

11-08-2016 | Interview "The CSA helps us put into perspective our own material issues. Even when we were shaping our materiality survey, we thought back to the CSA. The CSA helps us have a more finite focus into material issues or topics where we can drive value."

David Tulauskas, director of sustainability, General Motors


20-05-2016 | Interview CSAは、社会からの期待を客観的に把握するために、極めて有用であると考えています。CSAをヒントに様々な改善を図っていますが、最近ではTAXポリシーを新しく制定しました。 毎年、関連部門と質問内容を確認し、改善方法について話し合っています。


Ajinomoto: The CSA is highly useful for objectively assessing the expectations which society places on us

10-05-2016 | Interview "We refer to our CSA participation in our annual report and also use it in our communication to investors. We explain our positions in our IR communication so that investors are properly informed of and can appreciate the fact that we rank among the global top 10 corporations in the food sector."

Hiroki Kato, General manager, CSR and Sustainability, Ajinomoto

Rabobank uses the CSA results as a driver of change

21-03-2016 | Interview "Our high sustainability score and percentile ranking are very valuable in tender processes."

Bas Rüter, Director of Sustainability, Rabobank

Royal Mail Group: Moving forward with DJSI

07-01-2016 | Interview

"It’s important for us, to show leadership on sustainability. The DJSI is one way that we can do that and hopefully encourage others to follow.”
Lily Heinemann, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Community Investment, Royal Mail Group

The benefits of CSA participation for companies – an interview with UPM

18-11-2015 | Interview "Our good CSA scores and our membership of the DJSI have added value to our responsibility story and thus helped us to close some B2B deals."

Sami Lundgren, Director Ecolabels and Reporting, UPM


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