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RobecoSAM assists you with tailored services packages across steps 1-3 of your benchmarking cycle. You will find a short summary of all services below. Click on each step to view our dedicated services packages or contact us to find out how our solutions can help you on the road to excellence.


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Step 1

Corporate Sustainability Assessment

Establish a sustainability baseline for your company and gain independent insight into how your company’s sustainability performance compares with that of its peers. It includes a company benchmarking scorecard and feedback call. It is the basis for all other services. Free for invited participants to the DJSI Assessment, available at a fee for all other companies.

Corporate Sustainability Assessment  Compact

Establish a sustainability baseline in selected areas. Focus on one or two sustainability dimensions (economic, social, and environmental) or individual sustainability themes/criteria in one or more dimensions. This service can be combined with targeted in-depth benchmarking options.

Step 2

Company Benchmarking Report

Receive a relative assessment of your company’s sustainability performance to identify critical competitive strengths and weaknesses as well as key sustainability challenges and opportunities affecting it now and in the future. It includes quantitative as well as qualitative analysis such as best-practice examples.

Company Benchmarking Report Compact

Receive a trimmed version of the full Corporate Benchmarking Report: The CBR Compact focuses on quantitative analysisonly.

Detailed Peer Analysis

Assess and improve your company’s relative performance in specific sustainability questions. Many companies use the Detailed Peer Analysis on an annual basis as a strategic tool to measure and continuously improve their sustainability practices in key areas.

Step 3

Workshops and presentations

Receive in-person feedback on your company’s sustainability performance or an explanation of the RobecoSAM methodology. Workshops can be tailored to your needs.


Customized peer groups

Be benchmarked against a selected peer group such as companies from your region or leaders across all industries.


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