Dedicated teams are available to answer your questions

Dedicated teams are available to answer your questions

Questions on the assessment

More about the Corporate Sustainability Assessment and the DJSI?

Please refer to the DJSI Annual Review, the  CSA Methodology, and Policies and Guidelines

For any related questions, please contact ESG Ratings team at: or +41 44 653 10 30

Interested in having your company assessed?

For public companies: find out if you are invited

For private companies: contact the ESG Benchmarking team at: or +41 44 653 12 11

Interest in benchmarking services

We support your analysis needs and communication goals. Benefit from different benchmarking solutions - meeting your specific needs and budget. Learn all about our CSA benchmarking services that are available to all assessed companies. For any related questions, please contact the ESG Benchmarking team at or +41 44 653 12 11

Interest in the CSA Data

Interested in a CSA data license for investment purposes?

SAM’s direct link to corporations enables their assessment on upcoming and underreported ESG issues. The methodology and assessment is acclaimed by many corporations as being extensive and very useful in fostering a culture of sustainability; the output is a dataset which enables investors to find more meaningful signals. RobecoSAM has recently taken a decision to license Smart ESG scores and is in the process of making them available in 2019. 

If you’re interested, please contact us via this form.

Interested in the CSA data for academic purposes?

Each year RobecoSAM has limited capacity to provide academic researchers with anonymized data for selected research topics. Please understand that we are not able to meet all academic data request. We will prioritize academic requests from professors and researchers pursuing advanced degrees that are most relevant to RobecoSAM in terms of its investment or sustainability research. In order to apply, please complete this Academic Data Request Form and send it to