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As a DJSI Member, we encourage you to communicate your outstanding achievement. We have prepared a communications toolkit to support your company’s communications departments. It includes a congratulatory quote from RobecoSAM for your own press release and information on our social media campaign.


For more information about the assessment please contact:

CSA Helpline
Call: +41 44 653 1030

We encourage you to use the DJSI member logo for any general corporate communication purposes, such as corporate annual reports, sustainability reports and your corporate website while your company remains a member of the DJSI. While no additional formal approval is needed from us, we always appreciate seeing how companies make use of this publicly. We especially appreciate hearing from you if you choose to publish the results of the CSA or share your questionnaire publicly.

By downloading and using the DJSI member logo, you acknowledge acceptance of above DJSI Member Logo Policy

Please note that it is not permitted to use the logo in conjunction with any products or services and any use by a subsidiary needs to include a clear reference that the logo refers to your company’s membership in the DJSI.

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