DJSI/CSA Annual Review

The 2019 SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment saw the biggest increase in company participation and overall record numbers. We thank all the companies from around the globe for their time and dedication.

The 2019 assessment results and the 2019 DJSI members will be announced on September 13, 2019, 5:15pm New York time.

Industry Leaders 2018

Industry leaders are the top performing companies in each of the 61 industries represented in the CSA and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. The Industry Leader Reports provide an overview of the industry leader’s performance in the CSA relative to other companies in the industry

Industry Leaders 2018

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices 2018

The information contained in these documents reflects the composition of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices as of September 13, 2018 and does not reflect any changes as a result of corporate actions or Index Committee decisions.

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2018 Review

Key results of the 2018 CSA are summarized in below documents. The annual webcast series dives into selected topic areas in more detail.

Review Presentation

Methodology and Score Changes Review

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