Global SDG Equities – capturing SDG impact within listed equities

Global SDG Equities – capturing SDG impact within listed equities

09-09-2019 | Article

Sustainability is a business imperative that corporate leaders can no longer ignore. Just as consumer and investor values are shifting toward greater sustainability and accountability, more and more companies are committing to more sustainable and accountable practices, strategies and reporting. As a new breed of investors seeks tangible evidence of impact alongside financial returns, asset managers must be able to generate and demonstrate ample amounts of both.

RobecoSAM has developed an investment product that measures and invests in listed companies based on the strength of their contributions to the UN Sustainable Investment Goals (SDGs).

  • Rainer  Baumann
    Head of Investments

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  • Investing in listed securities whose products and services generate positive SDG impact increases the capital allocated to companies with the expertise, scale, technology, and commitment to move the needle significantly toward a more sustainable global economy.
  • The SDGs are a strategic imperative, a disruptive force and a compelling opportunity - low-end estimates put the business opportunities associated with sustainable practices and contributing to the SDGs at USD 12 trillion by 2030
  • The SDGs can serve as a tool for businesses to identify, prioritize and target the sustainable challenges that best align with their products and services
  • The RobecoSAM Global SDG Equities Strategy offers investors direct exposure to sustainable companies whose products and/or services have a positive impact as measured through their SDG contributions

The SDGs – a comprehensive set of 17 global challenges that must be addressed to help ensure a universally safe, healthy, and prosperous future – are an increasingly accepted standard used by companies to formulate and clarify their value for society and identify ways to maximize it.

At the same time, the SDGs offer asset managers a tool to measure companies’ commitment to and action toward sustainability.

The RobecoSAM Global SDG Equities Strategy addresses a key challenge relating to SDG investing – the challenge of properly evaluating and quantifying the SDG contribution of a single stock and then systematically replicating the approach across the thousands of constituents of an investment universe.

Using proprietary data and analytics, the unique insights of an internal SI research team, and rigorous fundamental analysis, the Strategy aims to create a portfolio that maximizes sustainable performance with measurable impact. Proprietary risk optimization methods are used to create a high conviction, high quality, high impact portfolio without the accompanying downside risks. Voting and engagement provide an additional sustainability overlay.

The RobecoSAM Global SDG Equities Strategy gives investors access to sustainable companies, sustainable impact, sustainable growth and sustainable long-term performance.


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