RobecoSAM Impact Framework – bridging impact investing to mainstream investors

RobecoSAM Impact Framework – bridging impact investing to mainstream investors

24-09-2019 | Article

Mainstream investors are showing increasing interest in impact investing but lack access to investment products that can measure and demonstrate impact at scale for publicly listed assets. RobecoSAM has developed a proprietary tool to measure and quantify impact using listed companies’ contributions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). RobecoSAM’s SDG Impact Framework can serve as an effective tool to construct high-impact portfolios across a variety of asset classes as well as to demonstrate impact for client reports.

  • Jacob Messina, CFA
    Messina, CFA
    Senior SI Strategist

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  • The SDGs are an increasingly accepted standard for companies to help clarify their own value for society and identify ways to maximize it
  • The SDGs represent a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity for innovative, sustainability-oriented companies
  • RobecoSAM’s SDG Impact Framework combines ESG and the SDGs to create high-impact investment products for mainstream investors

According to the UN Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI), achieving the SDGs will be a key driver of the economic prosperity needed to drive corporate earnings and global economic growth. Likewise, their importance among consumers and investors is also increasing. As a result, companies are increasingly aligning and framing their sustainability initiatives using the SDGs.

Just as the UN SDG framework helps companies bridge their sustainability strategies to global sustainability efforts, RobecoSAM’s SDG Impact Framework helps bridge corporate efforts on SDGs with investment products. As such, it can serve as a tool for mainstream investors to align their personal values and measure their impact through mainstream investment products.

Robeco and RobecoSAM are already incorporating the SDG Impact Framework into portfolio analysis across several SDG-linked equity and credit investment strategies. The framework is used to assess what companies produce, how they operate and whether they have been involved in any controversies. For investment managers, it helps exclude low-impact performers and prioritize high-impact companies within portfolios. For investors, it’s both a lens and ruler that helps them peer into investment products and visualize impact using the SDGs as the unit of measure.


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