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ESG research

More than 2 decades of research insights puts the power in our process. For more than 20 years, we have been—and are still— one of the only asset management firms focused exclusively on Sustainable Investing. This has afforded us the tools and the unique expertise to define financially-material ESG information, integrate it into the assumptions and financial models of a wide-range of investment products as well as accurately measure its impacts across a portfolio.

  • Corporate Sustainability
    Financial materiality and Smart ESG
  • Impact Research
    Social and environmental impact
  • Controversy
    Clear view on corporate controversies
  • Country ESG
    Analyzing countries’ ESG performance

Corporate Sustainability

Research focused on the link between sustainability and financial materiality
RobecoSAM’s research focuses on the link between sustainability and financial materiality. But what is financial materiality, exactly? Jacob Messina, Head of Sustainability Investing Research explains how RobecoSAM determines the financial relevance of the sustainability criteria that are incorporated into the investment process.
Focus on financial materiality
RobecoSAM continuously works to enhance the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions to help investors reap the benefits of Sustainability Investing. RobecoSAM’s Quantitative Research team developed an innovative “Smart ESG” scoring methodology.
Smart ESG – optimizing the power of ESG scores

Impact Research

Actively contributing towards meeting the SDGs and intentionally seek measurable social and environmental impact

United Nations defined its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Ever since the United Nations defined its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), investors have become increasingly interested in investments that both contribute to realizing these goals while providing financial returns. RobecoSAM is among the first investment managers to construct an effective framework for mapping and measuring SDG contributions that can be applied across investment portfolios.

Method and framework for identifying and quantifying enterprise impact across SDGs.

Environmental Impact Monitoring Tool

Our Environmental Impact Monitoring Tool monitors the impact of your core equity or corporate credit portfolios on four environmental indicators. By measuring your portfolio’s environmental footprint, we help you understand the magnitude of its environmental impact so that you can maximize the positive impacts, or reduce the negative environmental impacts of your investments.

Learn more about the Environmental Impact Monitoring Tool

RobecoSAM Climate Change Policy

RobecoSAM acknowledges the responsibility of the asset management industry towards addressing climate change risks through the investment decisions that we make and the contact we have with investee companies and other institutions. Integrating climate considerations into our investment decisions is a critical aspect of prudent investing, since neglecting climate change effects could negatively impact investment performance through unwanted risk exposures and missed opportunities during the transition to a low-carbon economy. As an asset manager focused exclusively on Sustainable Investing, we have developed and implemented a six-pillar approach to manage climate change risks, as outlined in the RobecoSAM Climate Change Policy.

RobecoSAM Climate Change Policy

Country Sustainability Ranking

Comprehensive framework for analyzing countries’ ESG performance 

Jointly developed by RobecoSAM and Robeco, the Country Sustainability Ranking is a comprehensive framework for analyzing countries’ ESG performance. By focusing on ESG factors such as aging, competitiveness and environmental risks – which are long term in nature – our country sustainability analysis offers a view into a country’s strengths and weaknesses that are not typically covered by rating agencies. Used in combination with standard sovereign bond ratings, RobecoSAM’s country ESG rankings can be a powerful tool to enhance risk analysis for government bonds, enabling investors to make better-informed investment decisions.

Country Sustainability Ranking Methodology:

RobecoSAM’s country sustainability framework evaluates 60 countries on a broad range of Environmental, Social and Governance factors that RobecoSAM considers to be key risk and return drivers relevant for investors.

Measuring country intangibles Country Sustainability Ranking Update Archive

The Country Sustainability Ranking is updated semi-annually. Insights from ranking are then incorporated into the investment process for Robeco’s Government Bond Strategies, and are used to determine the country weights in the S&P ESG Sovereign Bond Index Family.


Clear view on products and business practices that are detrimental to society and incompatible with sustainable investment strategies

As an asset manager focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing, we believe that certain products and business practices are not compatible with sustainable investment strategies. Therefore, our investment universe excludes companies that are involved in any of the following activities: Global Compact breaches, controversial weapons, tobacco, palm oil, military contracting, firearms, thermal coal, nuclear power, alcohol, gambling, and adult entertainment.

Controversial behavior 

In addition, companies whose activities have breached any of the UN Global Compact Principles will be excluded from our universe if they are unable or unwilling to change their behavior following a period of enhanced engagement.

Customized exclusions 

For investors who wish to further align their investments with their ethical convictions, we apply a range of additional customized exclusions to segregated mandates

For additional details, please refer to the “Exclusion policy for impact investing funds”

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