Increasing focus on SDG investing:

RobecoSAM renames strategy after successful first year, strengthening SDG focus

Zurich, January 17, 2019

  • RobecoSAM Global Sustainable Impact Equities strategy renamed to RobecoSAM Global SDG Equities
  • Strong track record of the strategy since market launch in December 2017
  • Strategy uses the award-winning RobecoSAM SDG investing methodology

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RobecoSAM, the investment specialist that has focused exclusively on Sustainable Investing (SI) for over 23 years, has renamed the Global Sustainable Impact Equities strategy to RobecoSAM Global SDG Equities strategy (the “strategy”). This move is a testament to the company’s increasing focus on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Contributing to the successful first year of the strategy are the award-winning proprietary SDG investing methodology and the strong track record. Since launch in December 2017, it has produced competitive returns in volatile market conditions. Rainer Baumann, Head of Investments at RobecoSAM, continues to manage the strategy with the investment process remaining unchanged.

Better together for greater impact

In late 2018, the strategy absorbed the assets of another RobecoSAM strategy, the Sustainable Global Equities strategy. While the investment objectives of the two were closely aligned, it was only the Global Sustainable Impact Equities strategy which enabled asset owners to invest solely in companies contributing towards achieving the SDGs. Now, more RobecoSAM clients, whose combined assets amount to approximately USD 50 million in the strategy, can achieve competitive financial returns while investing in a portfolio of listed companies, where operations, products, and services demonstrably contribute towards the SDGs.

Rainer Baumann, CFA, Head of Investments, RobecoSAM:

“The inception of the SDGs in 2015 provided investors with a framework to achieve greater positive social, economic, and environmental impact. More recently, we have seen clients recognizing the societal imperative of the SDGs and becoming increasingly keen to quantify the impact of their investments. The strategy now brings together for investors the opportunity to create positive impact, to generate competitive returns, and to benefit from RobecoSAM’s award-winning proprietary SDG investing methodology.”

The award-winning methodology, first used in this strategy, involves evaluation of companies’ products/services, operations, and business ethics. RobecoSAM maps the material impacts of each of the companies to specific SDGs by using a proprietary set of rules and Key Performance Indicators. Quantitative reporting based on this framework shows how many companies in the portfolio contribute to which SDG, and compares the portfolio to a standard equity benchmark. This is complemented by qualitative SDG impact reporting that explains each company’s SDG contributions and provides specific measures of company impacts (Key Impact Indicators) where available.

Jacob Messina, CFA, Head of Sustainability Research, RobecoSAM:

“Assessing a company’s contributions to the SDGs has been a significant challenge. Now, our innovative SDG investing methodology makes us one of the first asset managers to deliver for investors a quantifiable measure of the SDG contributions of individual companies within their portfolios. We not only provide them with truly tangible data and unique reporting capabilities, but the outputs from our methodology also assist clients to measure the achievement of their own sustainability and impact goals.”

Award-winning RobecoSAM proprietary SDG methodology

RobecoSAM has developed a proprietary methodology that can objectively and reliably measure the SDG contributions within an investment portfolio. This proprietary methodology from RobecoSAM received the “Award for Innovation (Funds)” at the Investment Week Sustainable & ESG Investment Awards 2018.

The three-step approach firstly links a company’s products and services to the SDGs for contribution and impact, secondly it analyzes sustainability in terms of corporate policies, structures and operations. The third and final step is continuous monitoring for material controversies and reputational damage. The outcome of this is quantified and results in companies being given an SDG score based on their contribution to the SDGs and the extent of this contribution.

The RobecoSAM Global SDG Equities strategy at a glance

RobecoSAM Global SDG Equities is a high-impact strategy tailored to retail and institutional investors, as well as foundations, that are looking to put their wealth to work in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It was first launched to market in December 2017 as Global Sustainable Impact Equities to harness the multi-billion dollar opportunity for investors seeking to instigate positive, measurable impact while generating competitive returns. Measurement of the positive impact of the investments uses the RobecoSAM methodology and impact reporting.


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